How to send your music video to South African Tv channels in 2024


If you are a musician or a music video director, you might want to submit your work to national music channels to reach a wider audience and showcase your talent. But how do you go about it? Singo News has compiled some tips and steps to follow:

Do some research on the music channels that suit your genre and style. Some of the popular ones are Channel O, MTV Base and Trace Urban.

Make sure your video is good quality, at least shot in 4k or 1080p at 25fps, anything else might not be accepted by Tv channels.

No nudity or trademarked brands, music channels have a very strict code when it comes to nudity and brands, so if your video has any nudity or famous brands, make sure you blur or edit them out.

– Make sure the music to the video is registered with samro and Capaso.

Get ISRC codes for both your song and music video from RiSA (visual ISRC code for music videos)

Upload original video to YouTube (don’t downscale video), some channels require a link to your video to preview it before approval.

Upload original size video to google drive or Dropbox and make sure file is accessible to anyone with the link, don’t use hosting services that have expiring links.

Now after you’ve made sure to gather all the required information, where do you send it?

You can do it two ways, 1, look up the tv channels online and find submission forms and the emails to send them to, or

2, use music video distributers like that act like music distributers by doing the submission for you at a once off price.

You can check out Singo’s music video distribution service at

After your video has been submitted either on your own or using music video distributers you can follow up with the channel after a few weeks.

Don’t expect an immediate response or feedback from the channel. They may receive hundreds of submissions every day and have a long review process. Be patient and polite and send a friendly reminder after 3 to 4 weeks if you haven’t heard back from them, use File name and ISRC Codes as reference.

If your video is accepted, you’ll receive an email telling you that your video has been playlisted and you’ll also receive an estimation date which your video will play on.

We hope this post has been helpful for you. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.