Tsonga rapper Mthimbani welcomes fans to 2024 with a new album.

Limpopo based tsongarap artist Mthimbani blesses his fans with a new 2024 album, and it’s a masterpiece as always. The album which has 15 tracks, each one showcasing Mthimbani’s lyrical skills and unique flow and ability to work with other artists and different genres.

He also collaborates with some amazing talents in Tsongarap, such as simefree, mchangani, Miss kulie, king tsonga and others.

The album is a mix of hard-hitting bars, catchy hooks, and chilled piano and perfectly mixed beats. It covers a range of topics, from love and relationships with parents, to social issues.The album is led by the song ‘mhani wa mina” featuring Pholoso, where Mthimbani talks about his relationship with his estranged mother who he barely knows.

Some of the standout tracks on the album include, “Macheleni” featuring Simefree and “Use a prayer“, which is a collaboration with radio personality Ms kulie, Veteran Tsonga rapper Mchangani and rising star Manotry. The track has a piano led beat and a beautiful hook that talks about faith and the power of prayer, followed by a hard verse by Mthimbani where tells a story using punchlines and bars.

The album is a must-listen for any fan of tsongarap, or anyone who appreciates good music. Mthimbani has delivered one of the best albums of the year and the year has just started, so rest assured this will be an exciting year in the tsongarap and Limpopo music scene.

Stream the album on Spotify and YouTube.